Inseparable still after 82 years of friendship, Remembrance Day for Gordie Bannerman and Orme Payne evokes a memory of the day they thought they’d lost each other, writes Rod Mickleburgh

Last week we received some proud pictures from Gordie en Edith Bannerman together with a beautiful flag. 
"Edith and I will never be able to thank all of you good people for the love and kindness extended to us while we were in Friesland, 70 years ago was a long  time ,I was 23 when I was in Friesland  and after all those years return with Edith as a guest of the Province of Friesland made our lives feel really special . How do we thank you? We have many memories of our stay and now we are safe at home after a wonderful flight by KLM  who again were most wonderful to us"

To Edith and Gordie: We have also very sweet memories of your visit and and can we ever thank you enough for beiing part of our freedom?

Take a look at the pictures